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jeudi, mars 09, 2006

accompanying wine

A nice wine goes great with a nice meal. Still, sometimes you might feel like just having some wine without preparing a meal. This is when the question arises: what kind of a snack shall I serve with my wine? The most important part is not to kill a wine's taste. A garlicky hummus will not work nor will patatas bravas. Cheese is usually the recommended match, but personally I think this will only work if you have a good cheese and to find it can be problematic.
My recommendation for accompanying any kind of wine is a coconut. Just open the coconut (I use my machete, but any way of opening it is good as long as it works :) ), use the milk any way you like and scoop out the flesh into bite-size pieces.


Blogger zuzbal said...

coconut could be good :) but i' ve never tried during drinking wine. next time we will open some bottle and check it, won't we?

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