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jeudi, juin 01, 2006

Oltrepó Pavese - Pinot Nero 2003

Very nice red wine. Beautiful dark colour, rich bouquet with notes of forest fruits, cherries, nuts and much, much more... It will do good not only with meet but also accompanying vegetarian dishes. Remember to open it some time before serving.

jeudi, mars 09, 2006

accompanying wine

A nice wine goes great with a nice meal. Still, sometimes you might feel like just having some wine without preparing a meal. This is when the question arises: what kind of a snack shall I serve with my wine? The most important part is not to kill a wine's taste. A garlicky hummus will not work nor will patatas bravas. Cheese is usually the recommended match, but personally I think this will only work if you have a good cheese and to find it can be problematic.
My recommendation for accompanying any kind of wine is a coconut. Just open the coconut (I use my machete, but any way of opening it is good as long as it works :) ), use the milk any way you like and scoop out the flesh into bite-size pieces.

mercredi, décembre 28, 2005

egri kékfrankos rosé

Another great wine from Eger (Hungary).
This one was really amazing - great taste and a beautiful bouquet with notes of almonds, melon, forest fruits, chocolate...
It's definitely worth trying.
Remember to chill it well.
To keep the bottle in a special chilling pot after opening would also be a good idea.

vendredi, décembre 16, 2005

young merlot from Sakar

I had some really great experiences with Bulgarian Merlots.
This one was not one of them though. It was rather tannic and slightly bitter.
However if you really want to give it a try it might work well with a greasy fish or some very spicy food .

dimanche, décembre 11, 2005

Egri Királyleányka 2003

Egri Királyleányka 2003
a wonderful Hungarian dry white wine

Remember to serve it well chilled!